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JEAM.,   Volume(2) - Issue(1), 2016
pp 1-6,   https://dx.doi.org/10.18831/djmaths.org/2016011001

Fuzzy Modelling for Selection of Overall Best Performer

G Vasanti;B Venkata Rao


The overall best/high performer selection has to be done considering the internal marks, external marks, attendance and all other parameters of academics and non-academics. A Best Performer (BP) is an all-round student and can be identified when all characteristics of the student are considered, which includes I.Q, time management, presentation skills, behaviour, health, moral responsibilities, etc. To perform the selection of an overall best performer out of all the best performers, it is necessary to calculate the Total Performance Impact Value (TPIV) of all the best performers and recuperate them with their average B.Tech as well as placement performance. Here, most of the data are not always crisp or numeric but rather linguistic like highly intelligent, good managerial capacity, good writing or presentation skills, highly sincere, good communication skills, adequate moral values etc., which are fuzzy in nature. Thus vagueness is the vital component of appraisal. All expert observations based on their expertise for giving their choice deviate according to the nature of the parameters. Considering the vagueness involved in the selection of overall best performer out of all the best performers of a college or colleges in an area, a Fuzzy model is presented in this paper.


Best performer, Fuzzy decision, Intuitionistic fuzzy sets, Mean fuzzy set, Total impact value.

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