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JEAM.,   Volume(3) - Issue(1), 2017
pp 1-12,   https://dx.doi.org/10.18831/djmaths.org/2017011001

Some Results on Integer Edge Cordial Graph

P Maya;T Nicholas


An integer edge cordial labeling of a graph G with edge set E is an injective map f from E to [ô€€€q 2 ::q2 ] or [ô€€€b q 2 c::bq2 c] as q is even or odd, which induces a vertex labeling f  : V !f0;1g such that, a vertex u is assigned the label 1 ifå i f (ei)  0 , and 0 otherwise and the number of vertices labeled with 1 and the number of vertices labeled with 0 differs atmost by 1. If a graph has integer edge cordial labeling then it is called integer edge cordial graph. In this paper, we introduce the concept of integer edge cordial labeling and prove that some standard graphs such as path, cycle, wheel, helm, closed helm, star graph K1;n are integer edge cordial and Kn;n is not integer edge cordial. It is also proved that KnnnM is integer edge cordial if n is even where M is a perfect matching of Knn.


Cordial labeling, Integer edge cordial labeling, Cordial graph, Vertex labeling, Star graph.

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